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  Tribute to Delores Barrett Campbell, Barrett Sisters and Inez Andrews, Caravans
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The "We CARE" mission is to preserve our rich music heritage. We continue to stand in the gap for Quartet Gospel Music. 

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Ray's Gospel TV Broadcast  Sun. 9 pm Time Warner Cable TV Ch. 24 

TV Coverage Area includes these counties:

Chatham, Orange, Durham, Granville, Vance, Warren, Franklin, Wilson, Johnston and Wake!

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 The Legend Bill Pinkney (click here)



Tribute to Rev. Howard "Slim" Hunt

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Warren Balentine 10:00

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Rev. Howard “Slim” Hunt has moved to his new home.

“Over Yonder”




Many rooms with a master suite

Spacious love

Open floor plan for peace

Large eat-in grace

Fenced in mercy with room for expansion

Son room with a marvelous view of salvation

Pool of milk and honey in the back

Pearly gates in front


The only way to the Father is through the Son


$0.00 - Calvary - Owner financing


Friendly angelic neighbors.

Great family and friends.

Praise the Lord all day and night.


Crown of stars, new luxurious robe and golden

slippers with matching wings. 

Bring a friend and get a reward.

For more information, if you’re interested in moving to your mansion,

call your local agent or representative –

Name, address and phone number listed below.


Jesus Christ

ADDRESS:  Repent Highway and Streets of Gold

PHONE:  Dial John 3:16

Sleep on brother Slim and take your rest. We love you much, but God loves you best.

At the end of the last long day, I can hear King Jesus say...Well Done, thy faithful servant 

Well Done...

Took flight Feb. 25, 2007